Revive Introduction

Welcome to Revive!

These sessions are programmed to benefit strength as well as flexibility. Each module has a specific focus and consists of four sessions. Session 1 will be an introduction to that focus, and the sessions become incrementally more challenging as we head to Session 4. You can do one class per week to create a six-month program or do two classes per week to create a three-month program.

Revive is a dynamic form of yoga. Holding and moving through these asanas, or poses, will strengthen and lengthen muscles, and lead to more stability around your joints, which will help you in day-to-day activities as well as in your MPC workouts.

Revive is programmed to be a more active Active Recovery Day — reviving you to tackle the rest of your week. That said, you can work on one session multiple times before moving onto the next, and notice how the practice changes when you feel more comfortable with the postures and the sequence.

Props: blocks, chair or wall for balance assistance
Class Length: 30 minutes