Ignite Progressions

Welcome to the Ignite Progressions sessions!

If you’re here, you should have completed the entire Ignite program and you should now be quite familiar not just with MPC’s training style but also many of the fundamental movements involved in this style of movement. You have likely increased your strength and improved your cardiovascular conditioning. In short, you’ve very likely built a solid fitness foundation and are more than likely ready to move on to any of the other offerings that our Move program holds.

However, we understand that sometimes taking that small step can feel like a big leap. So to prove to you that you’re ready to move on, we present three final Ignite sessions. Think of them as a sort of fledgling test: If you can complete these, you’re ready to leave the nest and fly.

Complete them once through or repeat them up to four times, but then check out the sessions in the Capacity module — they’re best for when you have a set amount of time you’d like to spend working out or have particular body parts you’re looking to work. Or you can take on Accelerate, a program that combines strength elements and conditioning portions to improve all aspects of your fitness — a format and goal that should feel familiar to you after completing Ignite. Or, if you would like to focus on strength and building toward a barbell, check out Peaker Strong. Remember, no matter where you go from here, the Exercise Variations Library will still be available to you to personalize the program and help ensure you continue to progress.

You got this, Peakers!

Ignite 3

Welcome to Ignite 3! We recommend you complete Ignite 2 before continuing to these workouts.

This month, weighted exercises make an appearance, as do ladders, one of Coach Valbo’s favorite ways of structuring workouts. As in previous modules, you should feel free to select the exercise variations and the rep schemes that work best for your body and your fitness level.

Once again, complete each cycle at least four times and as many as eight times before considering it complete. And once you’re done here, you’ve completed the Ignite program and should have a solid basic understanding of the fundamental movement patterns and some of the protocols that form the basis of MPC Move! Where to go next is up to you. You can check in with the Capacity workouts or try out one of the other training paths, perhaps using some of the scaled exercise variations.

But first, when you’re ready, press play on the day’s session and let’s get to it!

Ignite 2

Welcome to Ignite 2! We recommend you complete Ignite 1 before continuing here.

This month, the Ignite program continues to drill those fundamental movement patterns (squat, hinge, push and pull) that you’ve been working with, while progressing the volume and intensity a bit over last month. There is also a workout in which you can start to put your cardio conditioning to the test. Something that stays the same: Each workout lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and includes a warm-up, the workout itself and a finisher, a final set of movements that are designed to finish both the workout … and you.

Once again we encourage you to be flexible and stay in tune with your body when programming your workouts, active rest days and rest days. Some weeks you might need more rest, while in others (particularly as you move into later cycles), you might feel able to proceed with less.

While this module of Ignite still features bodyweight movements, you also can certainly choose to add additional load by incorporating a set of MPC bands, a couple of dumbbells or a kettlebell, or even a backpack filled with household items. As always, the exercise selection is up to you — check the Exercise Variations library for options.

When you’re ready, we’re ready! Press play on the day’s session and let’s get to it!

Ignite 1

Welcome to Ignite 1!

This program is designed for people who have completed the Ignite Fundamentals program or are newer to exercise or the My Peak Challenge program, are looking for a lighter way to include resistance and cardio training in their lives, or have limited time or equipment.

Over the course of three months, Ignite will teach you how to move your body well. You will deepen your familiarity with the fundamental movement patterns — squat, hinge, push and pull — that are the hallmarks of MPC Move programming.

Each workout lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and includes a warm-up, the workout itself and a finisher, a final set of movements that are designed to finish both the workout and you.

Each month of Ignite is split into cycles. Each cycle consists of three workout sessions and the suggestion to add two active recovery days and two rest days. But that’s just a suggestion for one way to structure your workouts. Perhaps you prefer doing three active recovery days and having one rest day per cycle, or you simply need more rest days to fully recover between workout days. Design your program to fit your schedule and your body’s needs.

Similarly, you have some flexibility in deciding how many times you need to repeat this particular program before moving on to Ignite 2. We recommend repeating each cycle at least four times before you take on the next month. But if, once you get to the end of four cycles, you find you want to continue to perfect the movement patterns programmed here or try out some different exercise variations in the same format, you can decide to continue for up to four more cycles.

Ignite features primarily bodyweight movements and home cardio options to begin with, but once you start gaining strength, you can choose to add additional load to your workouts by incorporating bands, dumbbells or kettlebells, or even a backpack filled with household items.

When you’re ready, press play on the day’s session and let’s get to it!

Ignite Fundamentals

Welcome to the Ignite Fundamentals program!

Consider this your introduction to My Peak Challenge and a great first stop on your path to building strength and power and improving your overall fitness.

This six-session series is designed for those who are new to exercise or to the My Peak Challenge program, who have taken an extended sabbatical from training, who are looking to drill some movement basics or who want a quick bodyweight workout. Before starting, please consult with your doctor to make sure you’re cleared to start a new training program.

One thing you need to know about MPC is that the variations make the workout. If what you see Coach Valbo and other athletes doing on-screen is beyond your current abilities, navigate over to the Movement Library and the Exercise Variations Index and you’ll find variations for each exercise. Simply select the one that works best for your body and use it to complete the workout. More general information about the workouts and the MPC Move program can be found in the My Peak Challenge Introduction booklet.

To move through the Ignite Fundamentals program, we recommend starting with either two or three workout sessions per week. See how your body feels, add in an appropriate number of active recovery and rest days and, when you’ve completed all six sessions, go one more time through the program. If you started doing two workouts per week, consider whether you’re ready to move up to three per week. We’ve included a sample schedule below, but again, create one that works with your own body and recovery process. The most important thing is that you feel good and that the challenge level feels just right — not too big and not too small.

Now, tie those trainers tight, grab a water bottle and maybe a small towel, and hit play when you’re ready to MOVE!