Flow Introduction

Welcome to My Peak Challenge Flow!

Yoga was originally developed to prepare the body to sit in meditation for hours on end. This required a strong core, open hips, and a lot of mental fortitude. MPC Flow was developed to prepare your body for a more active lifestyle — which still requires a strong core, open hips, and mental fortitude. Here you will find a variety of modules, featuring several modalities of yoga, everything from gentle restoration to fiery vinyasa flows. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re interested in a calming, slow-moving session, want to do a deep dive into a challenging peak posture, or take a few months to build up a basic practice. 

Yoga only requires your body, mind, and gravity. But a few other things make it more accessible and comfortable. You’ll want to use a yoga mat to provide a bit of grip for your feet and hands. A set of yoga blocks will benefit the less flexible and assist you in settling into various poses. A yoga strap can aid tight shoulders and hamstrings. A folded blanket will provide extra support and comfort for sensitive knees. And consider either placing a chair toward the top of your mat or practicing near a wall to help you move up and down off the mat or assist your balance.

Gather your props, decide how you want to flow today, and then go meet Coach Mooney on your mat!