Exhale Introduction

Welcome to Exhale, MPC’s mindfulness program!

What is mindfulness? It’s the act of simply paying attention to the present moment on purpose and without judgment.

Why is mindfulness important? Well, consider it the antidote to being caught up in the “busyness” of life — whether with work, family, goals, and anything and everything that can pop up in any given day. Practicing mindfulness allows you the opportunity to be less stressed, more energized, more efficient with your time, and more clear. It also gives you space to develop better relationships with others — and yourself. Plus, a clearer, more focused, more spacious mind might just help you reach your Peaks with greater ease.

So, how to you practice MPC mindfulness? Start with the Stillness section and work through some of the sessions there to learn to sit in stillness with yourself. Throw in a yoga nidra session when you want to take your mind on a wander. And then, when you’re ready to really dig in and get to know yourself better, dig into the Insight section, following those sessions in order. It’s a journey well worth taking!