Chair Yoga

Welcome to Chair Yoga!

These sessions are a way to stretch and strengthen your body with yoga while fully or partially supported by a chair. The “Fully Seated” sessions have you stay completely on your seat, and the “Chair Supported” sessions are partially standing, using the back or seat of the chair to assist you. That means that the first thing you need to do when setting up for these sessions is make sure you’re using a sturdy chair that can support your weight and won’t move if you move on or around it or lean into it. Consider setting the chair on a yoga mat or placing it near a wall to keep it from sliding. Choose a chair that is low enough that you can sit halfway forward on it, so your back is not against the back of the chair, and firmly plant both feet on the mat. If you need to bring the floor a little higher to meet your feet, you can place blocks or hardcover books on the floor.

These classes are not progressive, so you can try them out in any order and repeat whichever ones you like. See you on the chair!

Props: chair, blocks
Class Length: 20-30 minutes